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AspireColor Product Safety

By US law, all formulations of art materials offered for sale in the United States must be evaluated by a board-certified toxicologist every five years for their potential to cause adverse chronic health effects. (See the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission Art Materials Business Guidance and the Art and Craft Safety Guide (downloadable PDF) for more information.) All art supplies you purchase should be labeled "Conforms to ASTM D-4236", confirming they have been properly labeled for any chronic or acute hazards they could impose. Bottom line: please ensure the art materials you purchase for yourself and your loved ones have undergone the required testing in the last five years and are safe for their intended use.


Unfortunately, not all companies, even companies who claim their products are safe and non-toxic, actually have this required testing performed on every color formulation they offer. Each color needs to be evaluated because it contains its own unique formulation. Chemicals behave differently when mixed with other chemicals in various amounts.


At AspireColor, your health and safety are our priority. Each and every one of our marker colors has been evaluated for consumer safety by InfoTox International, a renowned US-based testing laboratory.







InfoTox provided the following labeling recommendations for AspireColor Watercolor Brush Pens 24 Colors: CONFORMS TO ASTM D-4236

​InfoTox provided the following labeling recommendations for AspireColor Alcohol Art Markers 80 Colors:


WARNING: FLAMMABLE LIQUID AND VAPORS. Contains: Ethyl Alcohol and Solvent Black 27.

PRECAUTIONS: Do not write or draw on skin. Avoid breathing vapor. Use in well ventilated areas. Intended for individuals over 14 years of age.

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