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'Tis the Season to Give - AspireColor Style

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Giving back has been part of AspireColor's mission from the very beginning. We admire companies who place socially responsibility as one of their pillars; companies who want to leave their communities and the world a little better; companies like TOMS, Starbucks, and Ben & Jerry's. We want to join them in giving back so are committed to donating a portion of our profits to promote art programs in under-served schools and communities.

At AspireColor, we believe the process of creating - whether drawing, sketching or painting; writing poetry, blog posts, or journaling; dancing; singing or playing a musical instrument; cooking or baking; sewing, quilting, or knitting; building a piece of furniture or a physical structure; or even building a business - invites joy. Creating is an essential human need.

Unfortunately, funding for the arts is often among the first programs to be cut when budgets get tight. We want individuals, and especially children, of all income levels to benefit from creating art.

Earlier this year, we ran a giveaway on Instagram asking the art community to post about their WHY - why do they choose to create art, to draw, color, and sketch? Each participant tagged their post #AspireColorWHY and was entered to win a free AspireColor Art Marker set. The results were fun and so enlightening to read. Below are snippets of what was shared in the contest:

  • Art is my passion that makes me feel happy and complete

  • A person's art can tell a story

  • My art allows me to manifest my ideas and share them with the world

  • Growing up, art was always the thing I turned to when things got hard

  • Drawing and creating gives me a lot of stress relief

  • I personally spend the time to draw and sketch for the joy it brings me, my friends, and followers

  • I draw because it’s my way of expressing myself, and it allows me to connect with others in the community

  • Drawing has always been my way of unleashing my creativity

  • Creating art calms me when I’m really stressed and helps me remove my negative attitude

  • I enjoy drawing because it's just so fun to see everything you imagine in your head and actually see it on paper

  • I draw/create art because it's my way of coping or handling the daily things life throws at me.

  • I love looking back on all of the art I've made and seeing the progress I’m making

Aren't those awesome responses? Creating art is so therapeutic, and we want those benefits to be available to more and more adults and children.

AspireColor is a young company. We were founded in August 2018 and launched our first product in March 2019. Like most new companies, we're not currently operating at a profit. Keeping up with the cost of inventory, product safety testing, Amazon selling fees, and advertising is expensive. (We're operating responsibly, keeping costs down, and have our sights set on being profitable as soon as possible.) While not yet profitable, we still want to give while we're growing.

Throughout the year, we occasionally received returns of AspireColor Art Marker sets in new condition. We've donated those marker pen sets to schoolteachers and an art teacher in our community, as well as to the Eastern Washington University Occupational Therapy program.

We recently started researching non-profits dedicated to sharing art with under-served communities with the goal to make a donation, but then reconsidered. We decided we want to start giving back in our own community, in the place where we live and work. We identified a high school nearby where half the students receive free or reduced-price lunch and thought that would be a good place to start. To the art class in that high school, we donated brand-new AspireColor Art Marker sets.

As we continue to grow, we will give more and more. For now, we're starting close to home and giving what we can.

We wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year! We truly appreciate your support that has made our company possible.

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