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Coloring Book Recommendations for AspireColor Markers

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Hi Friends! We've had a few friends and customers ask for coloring book recommendations that pair well with AspireColor Alcohol Art Markers, and we thought you just might be looking for some fun, new designs to color when you're ready to unwind and relax. Below are coloring book tips and recommendations we've compiled from AspireColor customers and YouTube coloring channel influencers. Thanks so much to Gaye Levy, Donna Norton, Lisa Geise, Barbara Barnes, Becky Miller, Melissa B, and Ann Siggers for helping us compile the recommendations below.

Coloring Book Tips and Tricks

  1. Ideally, look for coloring books with pages printed single-sided with a blank back. Since alcohol-based markers will bleed through to the other side of the paper, with single-sided pages, you won't have to choose which design you'll color and which design you'll lose.

  2. If you do find designs you love that are printed front and back, scan and print them onto your own favorite marker paper.

  3. Put a piece of cardstock or a folder between pages when you're coloring to ensure your markers don't bleed through to the next page.

  4. Coloring book designs and patterns are largely a matter of personal taste and preference. Find a book with patterns you love, and even if the paper quality isn't as high as you'd like, copy the designs onto high-quality marker paper. Check out our previous blog post on great marker paper options. We also had a customer recommend the Neenah Classic Crest Solar White paper which is highly rated on Amazon.

Coloring Book Recommendations! Let's Dive Right In!

Intricate Ink Animals in Detail by Tim Jeffs, $14.70 on Amazon

This hardcover, high-quality coloring book features 50 gorgeous, intricate animal designs. The pages are printed single-sided with lay-flat binding. Reviewers absolutely rave about it. It's one in a series, so if you love it, you have a few books to add to your collection. I may have to buy this one to color with my girls while we watch White Collar on Hulu.

ColorIt Series Coloring Books

ColorIt books are truly unique in that they're hardcover, spiral-bound books printed on high-quality, perforated pages. As a bonus, they even include a blotter with their books, so you won't have to worry about bleeding through your coloring pages. The books cost a little more than some others featured in this post ($10.99-$19.99 on Amazon), but the quality definitely makes the price worth it. Like other coloring book series, ColorIt features many different styles of books, including mandalas, nature scenes, around-the-world scenes, scriptures, and more, so you're sure to find something that interests you.

Jade Summer Coloring Books

Coloring books by Jade Summer are definitely a favorite among experienced colorists. She's illustrated 100+ coloring books in designs as varied as Intricate Mandalas, Country Cabins, Cute Animals, Fantasy, and Springtime Flowers, so you're likely to find several options you'll enjoy. The illustrations are printed single-sided with blank backs, so they pair great with alcohol based markers.

Angie Grace Crayons and Markers Series

This series offers several different books in stress-relieving designs that are great for quiet time alone or coloring with friends. Designs are printed single-sided on high-quality paper.

Creative Haven series by Teresa Goodridge

In the Creative Haven series, you can choose from many styles of coloring pages, including fairies, seasons, geometric patterns, sea life, country charm, and more. Below is linked the Autumn Scenes book, which appeals to me on this gray, damp morning hinting of the coming fall season. This paperback book includes 31 single-sided, perforated scenes and is loved by reviewers.

The World of Debbie Macomber: Come Home to Color, $10.85 on Amazon

This coloring book features 45 hand-drawn designs depicting scenes from Debbie Macomber books. Reviewers absolutely love it. The illustrations are printed on high quality paper.

Good Vibes Coloring Book from Design Originals, by Thaneeya McArdle, $6.43 on Amazon

This book is full of uplifting, affirming statements surrounded by beautiful designs, butterflies, and flowers. One reviewer mentioned this book is "Thirty pages of pure enjoyment". The pages are printed single-sided on thick paper, but I'd still recommend putting a blot sheet between pages. The pages are perforated, making it easy to remove and display images as you'd like. As a bonus, this book includes "how-to" pages on techniques and media with uplifting quotes on the back of each coloring page.

Steampunk Girls by Deborah Muller

While this book is printed on lower-quality paper, it was recommended for its fun, unique designs. If the paper-quality bothers you, its one to copy onto higher-quality paper. Additional titles from this artist are also available in PDF format from her Etsy shop.

Adult Coloring Book : Stress Relieving Designs Animals, Mandalas, Flowers, Paisley Patterns And So Much More by Cindy Elsharouni, $6.20 on Amazon

This best-selling coloring book features 60+ lovely designs printed single-sided, but reviewers comment the paper and printing are lower-quality. If the paper quality bothers you but you love the designs, copying the designs onto your favorite marker paper is a nice option. A friend sent me a couple animal pictures she and her daughter colored from this book that I absolutely love.

The AspireColor community has also recommended coloring books by Hanna Karlzon, Johanna Basford, Kerby Rosanes, Denyse Klett, Klara Markova, Hannah Lynn, Patty Vadalia and the Dover Series. Check them out on Amazon, and just be aware some of these authors' designs are printed front and back, so with alcohol markers, your ink will likely bleed through to the other side (unless you choose to scan and print the designs onto your own paper). Make sure to read reviews and product descriptions before you buy, so you know what you're getting.

We would LOVE for you to share your favorite coloring books with us and the AspireColor community! Comment below, and please email us your #AspireColor artwork to!

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