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AspireColor Partnership with Artist Elida Field

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

During the launch of the AspireColor Alcohol Art Marker 80-Color Set, we partnered with professional artist Elida Field, who created art pieces with AspireColor markers to showcase their beauty and quality. In discussions with Elida, we were so impressed with her uplifting positivity and passion for sharing the power of art in our community as well as the incredibly beautiful artwork displayed throughout her studio.

Elida Field Sketching with Aspirecolor Markers in Her Studio

When we picked up the art pieces Elida prepared using AspireColor markers, she graciously allowed us to take a few photos of her using the markers in her studio. Elida demonstrates the beauty, vibrancy, and quality of the AspireColor markers throughout the photos and sketches below.

If you'd like to see our favorite photos and sketches in video format, click on the video below.

Take a moment to check out Elida Field's website for information on her artwork, workshops, and European art tours. She's a wonderful artist, teacher, and advocate for art!

If you have artwork you've created with AspireColor markers, we would love to see it! Please contact us or tag us in your social media post to share.


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